Why You Should Take Snoring Seriously

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance. It may be a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can have significant health consequences. We treat snoring and sleep apnea at Crabtree Dental in Katy.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is caused by an an obstruction that restricts the flow of air in the throat. The obstruction can be caused by:

  • Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue—when muscles relax they can collapse onto the airway. Alcohol use and sleeping pills can make this more likely.
  • Thick throat tissue—Excess weight can be a contributing factor.
  • Swollen tonsils and adenoids—Most common in children.
  • Long uvula or soft palate
  • Nasal congestion
  • Deviated septum

Peoplr who snore may have a condition called sleep apnea—a potentially serious condition in which your breathing lapses while you are snoozing. In severe cases it can occur up to a hundred or more of times per night.

If your snoring keeps your bed partner from sleeping, his or her health is also affected. Failure to get enough sleep contributes to a host of physical and mental conditions.

Most of us have experienced problems concentrating when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. Did you know that can limit a person’s motor function and reaction time as seriously as intoxication?

Other possible health problems related to insufficient sleep include heart disease, obesity, depression, and diabetes.

So why is a post about snoring and sleep deprivation in a dental blog? Your dentist can treat either of these potentially dangerous conditions.

If you suspect that you suffer from either snoring or sleep apnea, we invite you to set up an appointment with us at Crabree Dental in Katy today. We also offer a full range of general and family dentistry services. Call today!

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