Choosing Your Cosmetic Dentist

Balancing artistry, science, and function.

visit our Cinco Ranch cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry involves a careful balance between artistry, science, and function. At our Cinco Ranch dental facility, Dr. Ron Crabtree performs a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can help you improve your smile. Performing cosmetic dental procedures such as porcelain veneers isn’t about being perfect—it’s about improving your smile so that it radiates who you are inside. Just as you are unique, so is your smile, and the dentist you choose can make a difference in the outcome of your cosmetic dental smile transformation. Dr. Crabtree is passionate about transforming patient smiles and thus their lives through cosmetic dentistry. He’ll take the time to explore what you want your smile to say about you.

When performing an aesthetic consultation, they examine each cosmetic dentistry candidate in great detail to achieve the best possible end result. Each cosmetic dental consultation begins by interviewing the patient to learn about and understand their expectations and desires. To get a feel for what kinds of issues he’ll explore, take our Smile Analysis. During a cosmetic dental evaluation, radiographs are taken to assess the health of the surrounding bone and the structural health of the teeth. These casts are used to study the alignment and shape of the teeth. In addition, a series of photographs are taken to evaluate both the symmetry and color of your natural teeth. Depending on the complexity of the smile transformation, impressions of the teeth may be taken so that study casts of the patient’s dentition can be fabricated.

Evaluation by our Katy dentist

Some of the factors Dr. Ron Crabtree will evaluate in the process of transforming your smile are:

  • How do your lips frame your smile?
  • How does the midline of your front teeth align with your face?
  • How much of your gum tissue shows when smiling?
  • What is the ratio of length to width of each individual tooth?
  • Does each tooth have proper symmetry?
  • Are any of your teeth rotated?
  • Are orthodontics necessary to achieve the desired result or will new restorations create a façade of straight teeth?
  • Are any of your teeth abnormally shaped or sized?

our Fulshear dentist is among best cosmetic dentistsDr. Ron Crabtree has received advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. He combines this advanced training and experience to view the aesthetic needs of each case, while paying careful attention to form and function. Once your cosmetic case has been thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Ron, a custom treatment plan will be made to address your objectives. They will communicate the reality of what can be transformed and what realistically cannot be changed. They take care to ensure your cosmetic dental transformation results in an extraordinary new smile. At Crabtree Dental we provide cosmetic dental services not only to patients in the Cinco Ranch community of Katy, TX, but also to neighboring communities in the Houston metropolitan area and beyond. Some patients have even travelled across state lines to receive cosmetic dental treatment at our office.

Browse a few of the cosmetic dental cases in our Crabtree Dental Smile Gallery. If you are ready to change your smile through cosmetic dentistry, you’ve already taken the first step by exploring our web pages.

To take the next step, call our office and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you to discuss the concerns you have about your smile with Katy dentist, Dr. Ron Crabtree.

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