Patient Transformation Stories

Many people seek our services to transform their smile. At Crabtree Dental we feel rewarded when cosmetic dentistry transforms a patient’s life. Just as a picture can speak a thousand words, so can a smile. Patients who have had cosmetic treatment can’t help sharing their excitement over it. Read on to learn how a new smile has impacted a few of our patients.

My husband said, “I will NEVER forget this moment, and that HUGE smile on your face.”

I was SO happy to have found Crabtree Dental. From the first visit, I knew I was in wonderful, caring hands.

Before Dr. Crabtree did my veneers, I made it a point to try and smile with my mouth closed. I am a VERY happy person who LOVES to smile. I was just embarrassed of it. One front tooth was discolored and the others had signs of rotting.

During the process, I could not have felt more comfortable. They checked on me after procedures to see how I was doing. After the veneers, I was in AWE of my new smile.

The entire office made it a very comfortable experience. I think I smiled for two weeks straight. The BEST compliment ever came from my husband. He said something, and I laughed, to which he replied “I will NEVER forget this moment, and that HUGE smile on your face”.

I don’t think twice about flashing a huge smile now, and have so much more confidence. For anyone even thinking of a smile transformation, I would say this: If you want the best work, come to Crabtree Dental, where the entire staff of Crabtree Dental treats you like one of the family.

I still today get compliments from the employees when I go in for a cleaning. One of the most wonderful things is seeing the joy in Dr. Crabtree and his staff when I come in with this HUGE smile on my face. I could not be happier.

Thank you all,
—Tammy Odette, Katy, TX

“This was my first experience with Crabtree Dental, and I have since transferred all my dental work to Dr. Crabtree’s office.”

Before my veneers, I would smile for pictures but try not to show any teeth. My smile now is back to normal – it looks natural – and I can show my teeth for pictures. I am especially pleased that the veneers will never stain, but will stay the original color.

The treatment process was so smooth that no anesthetic was required at all. This was my first experience with Crabtree Dental, and I have since transferred all my dental work to Dr. Crabtree’s office. I am planning to have a few more teeth done. I should have done this a long time ago.

Thank You Dr. Crabtree!
—Rudy Richardson, Houston, TX

“It’s a change that makes me smile!”

Unfortunately, I was not born with straight, well-aligned teeth. Though not totally unhappy with my smile, I noticed the many differences in the smiles of other people, particularly those with near “perfect” teeth, and thought someday I may make a change to my own. I ruled out braces as too cumbersome, time consuming, and basically for kids, so I dropped the idea of making a change.

On one regular checkup visit with Dr. Crabtree, he asked me if I was happy with my teeth and smile, and whether I had ever considered making any corrections? I replied that I had considered braces years ago, but discarded the option.

That’s when he suggested a simple and effective procedure that would take little time, only a few office visits, and would correct the imperfections in my teeth that had nagged me for some time.

Together we reviewed the process, and I agreed to proceed. All work was completed quickly, professionally and to my complete satisfaction. The photos tell the rest of the story. It’s a change that makes me smile!

—S. W. Roll, Katy, TX

“I feel like a new woman”

Before my cosmetic treatment, I was very insecure about my smile. My teeth were small with spaces in between them, so I would never show my teeth when taking pictures.

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Crabtree was the starting point of my new life and smile.

Visiting Dr. Crabtree’s office was a very pleasant and comfortable experience. The staff is friendly and willing to help with any questions or concerns. Dr. Crabtree showed me the dental impressions before my procedure to provide an idea of how my smile would look. Once the veneers were applied, my smile was identical to the impressions made. I was very impressed by the transformation.

My veneers have boosted my confidence, and I smile showing my teeth when I take pictures now. I have even noticed a difference that I chew my food better when I eat.

All of my friends and family love my new smile, and I feel like a new woman. Thanks to Dr. Crabtree and his wonderful staff for my new beautiful smile and for changing my life!

—Kizzy Johnson, Katy, TX

“It took a lot of energy to hide my teeth and it’s very liberating to smile freely!”

My teeth were stained from tetracycline use when I was a child. I only ever smiled with my lips and never let my teeth show. I work in the resort industry and that could be awkward at times.

The whole process was comfortable and pain free. It was like a longer, and very thorough, cleaning. Dr. Crabtree helped me pick the shade of veneers so they would look natural.

They look and feel so natural I don’t even think about them as not being completely 100% mine.

Since my cosmetic treatment, people tell me I’m much more cheerful. I think I am, but I’m also able to let my happiness and friendliness show through my smile. I’m more open, more enthusiastic to visit with friends and family and to meet new people.

I stand taller and my face and neck are more relaxed. It took a lot of energy to hide my teeth and it’s very liberating to smile freely!

—Ellen Garbarino, Avon, CO

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