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visit our cosmetic dentist in Katy, TX Dreaming of a New Smile?

Your smile is important, affecting not only your self-image but also influencing the quality of your interactions with others. One of the first things you notice about someone is their smile. A smile communicates your self-confidence in a universal language; it’s an unspoken gesture that says a lot.

Creating your dream smile.

A beautiful smile is important at any age and we believe it should reflect health and vitality. As you age, your smile can change in a way that is no longer indicative of your vitality. Cosmetic dentistry services can minimize the effects of aging. Whether you are young or young-at-heart, your smile may be improved with:

  • Teeth Whitening- Tooth whitening or veneers can lighten or brighten the shade of your teeth
  • Porcelain Veneers- Our porcelain veneers can alter the shape, size, and length of certain teeth to completely makeover your smile. Porcelain veneers can make minor alignment improvements and whiten as well.
  • Dental Implants- We can replace missing teeth with a surgical implant designed to look, look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • Dental Crowns- A crown can restore broken, chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth
  • Composite Fillings- Tooth-colored, or composite, fillings can replace metal fillings and look more natural in your mouth when you smile or talk.

“I don’t think twice about flashing a huge smile now, and have so much more confidence. For anyone even thinking of a smile transformation, I would say this: If you want the best work, come to Crabtree Dental, where the entire staff of Crabtree Dental treats you like one of the family.

I still today get compliments from the employees when I go in for a cleaning. One of the most wonderful things, is seeing the joy in Dr. Crabtree and his staff when I come in with this HUGE smile on my face. I could not be happier.”
—Tammy Odette, Katy, TX
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get a beautiful smile at our aesthetic dentistry near Cinco Ranch and Fulshear

While many different dental procedures can be performed to enhance a smile, some are performed principally for cosmetic reasons.

Common buzzwords for these procedures are “whitening or bleaching”, “veneers”, “Lumineers”, “all-porcelain crowns”, “all-porcelain bridges”, “implants”, and “bonding”.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Katy, TX

Read on to discover some of the techniques utilized at Crabtree Dental to transform your smile. Your cosmetic dental treatment plan could involve one or a combination of these procedures.

Choosing the appropriate cosmetic dentist is an important decision, the benefits of which can transform your life. This section of our website will enable you to explore the cosmetic dental services offered at Crabtree Dental.

A great starting place is our Patients Share Smile Stories page where we introduce you to patients who have had cosmetic dentistry performed by Dr. Ron Crabtree.

Don’t miss our Smile Gallery where you can see before and after case photography demonstrating a variety of smile solutions.

If you are wondering whether your smile can be transformed, begin with a Smile Analysis.

If you are considering transforming your smile through cosmetic dentistry, make an appointment with Dr. Ron Crabtree to communicate your concerns, needs, and desires. After consulting with you he will create a customized treatment plan for your smile transformation.

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