Patient Resources

Sites and apps to pique your interest and increase your dental IQ.

mouth healthy logoThe American Dental Association’s Patient Education website has information and tips for all ages and stages and even contains a dental symptom checker.

red colgate logoColgate’s Patient Education site features interesting articles, quizzes, and videos such as tips for how to care for your children’s teeth and understanding tooth sensitivity.

oralbblue crest-logoCrest and OralB have educational articles on their sites as well, including this one explaining how certain medications can increase your risk of gingivitis.


Tired of telling your kids they need to brush longer? Try Oral-B’s FREE Disney Magic Timer App. It lets them choose a character… a princess, a super hero, a monster, and more – and then runs a timer, gradually revealing a Disney scene. When the timer stops, they earn a “sticker” for their album and a star on their calendar. Each brusher can choose their own character and change it as often as they want! Watch the video below to see how it works.