Restoring Your Teeth

our Katy dentist can fix your broken tooth with restorative dentistry services

Saving your teeth through lifelike tooth colored restorations.

Tooth decay is one of the two biggest threats to your dental health and should be taken seriously. Even patients who exercise good preventive care experience tooth decay.

Having the tooth decay removed and the tooth restored is important to maintain oral and physical health. A cavity left untreated can destroy your tooth.

Small and medium sized cavities are most often treated with fillings. More severe decay resulting in larger and/or deeper cavities may require restoration with a crown and/or a root canal. With each of these procedures, the goal is to save your teeth by restoring them, rather than removing and replacing.

Broken or chipped tooth? Stop worrying and get it fixed today.

When a tooth becomes severely damaged, extraction may be the only way to save the rest of the smile. At Crabtree Dental, we make it our goal to use restorative dentistry to fix a broken or chipped tooth before it must be extracted.

Composite fillings | This restorative conservative dentistry procedure uses ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the aesthetic of natural teeth. A composite filling can work wonders on a small spot of tooth decay or a chipped tooth.

Root canals | If you experience intense toothache, swelling gums, or a broken tooth, you may be in need of a root canal. During this restorative dentistry treatment, the injured nerves of the tooth are removed and the root canal system is cleaned and sealed.

Dental crowns | Sometimes called a cap, a dental crown can be placed over a broken tooth or a chipped tooth to restore its natural structure. Your smile can be restored to its proper size, strength, and appearance within one to three appointments.

“Dr. Crabtree and his staff are awesome”

Tiffany Leleu providing a testimonial for our restorative dentistry in KatyI have been a patient of Dr. Crabtree since I was 17 years of age. I am now 43 and I would not go to anyone else. Dr. Crabtree and his staff are awesome. They are always there to save the day and make me smile again.

—Tiffany Leleu, Katy, TX

Realistic restorative dentistry options will help you regain confidence in your stunning smile.

If you have any type of tooth decay or dental damage, we offer all of the best solutions at Crabtree Dental in Katy, TX. If you want to protect your smile, why not give us a call today?

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