Laser Dentistry

get crown lengthening or a frenectomy from our dentist in Katy TX

Greater precision, greater comfort.

Laser dentistry provides patients with a pain-free dental treatment experience. Using the soft tissue laser and DIAGNOdent technology, Dr. Ron Crabtree and Dr. Colby Crabtree are able to deliver precise treatment that is more comfortable and produces exceptional results.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The dental laser offers several benefits to patients:

  • Many laser dentistry treatments are so comfortable that they do not require anesthesia
  • Accelerated recovery time than with traditional treatment options
  • Reduced bacterial infection risk
  • Minimally invasive and quicker treatment time
  • More predictable and lasting results in every procedure

Soft Tissue Laser

On occasion, it is necessary to cut the soft tissue inside of the mouth. In the past, this was done using a scalpel. Soft tissue lasers have revolutionized the way these procedures, like crown lengthening or frenectomy, are done in the mouth.

The handheld laser is a less invasive tool that generates a beam of concentrated light. When that beam reaches soft tissue, the tissue is ablated, or vaporized, while leaving the surrounding area untouched. The laser kills any bacteria in the area and also promotes hemostasis (clotting) resulting in minimal infection risk and minimal bleeding.

The soft tissue dental laser allows the dentist to perform minimally invasive soft tissue procedures without a drill or incision.

our laser dentistry in Katy TX specialized in crown lengthening and frenectomy

Lasers for Cavity Detection

Laser detectors and software detect the earliest stages of decay.

Our cavity detection dental laser finds small amounts of tooth decay at the earliest stage of development. Because the early stages of decay can be invisible to the dentist’s sight or touch with hand instruments, this tool scans the grooves of the teeth where decay may be difficult to detect via traditional methods.

When abnormalities or decay are detected in your enamel, the dental laser emits a beeping sound. The more decay it detects, the faster the beeping sounds repeat.

Laser dentistry technology ensures more accurate cavity detection, which means that the dentist is less likely to misdiagnose decay. If decay is detected, it can be treated in its earliest stages of development. This equates to smaller fillings or no fillings at all for the patient.

Ready to learn more about laser dentistry?

Daily treatments like crown lengthening, gum disease therapy, and cavity detection are easier than ever with laser dentistry. Our doctors recommend the dental laser to patients because it is an effective way to improve your smile without causing excessive bleeding, inflammation, or pain.

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