Dental Bonding

our Katy dentist can use dental bonding to close gaps in teeth

Dental Bonding in Katy, TX

Transform your smile with Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure in which the dentist uses composite resin material, the same material used for fillings, to restore a tooth. Composite resin is made from a composite of plastic and glass that is light cured to “bond” the material to the tooth to be strong.

Any filling material needs to be strong to stand up to the forces of chewing and must adhere to the tooth even in the presence of saliva. As the material is placed, it is shaped to match natural tooth anatomy as closely as possible.

Closing the Gap in Front Teeth

If you are unhappy with gaps or spaces between your front teeth (the gap between two teeth is called a diastema); bonding can be a solution for you. Composite resin that closely matches your tooth color can be added to each tooth on either side of the gap to close the space. Depending on the size of the gap, or if you have multiple gaps between several teeth, porcelain veneers might be a better solution. Our dentists will evaluate your smile and provide options for your particular needs. The benefit of bonding to close a diastema is that it can be completed in a single appointment and for the most part it is a reversible procedure as little if any tooth preparation is necessary.

While the fee for bonding is substantially less than that of a veneer, it is not always the best solution. This is because the composite resin material will chip and change color over time, necessitating a need for replacement bonding. For many patients bonding is a good interim solution; but for the best long term solution porcelain veneers are more durable and aesthetic.

“All work was completed quickly, professionally and to my complete satisfaction. The photos tell the rest of the story. It’s a change that makes me smile!”
—S. W. Roll, Katy, TX
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close gaps in teeth with dental bonding at our Katy dentist

Restoring Traumatized Front Teeth

Sometimes life throws you a curveball – right in the teeth! Particularly among youth involved with sports, the most common dental injuries involve trauma to the front teeth. Trauma such as this will commonly result in the front teeth being chipped or sheared off. These accidents are not only physically traumatic but also emotionally upsetting as the patient and parent see the physical damage to the smile. One of the most rewarding procedures dentists can perform is restoring the patients smile by bonding composite resin to the remaining tooth remnants and shaping them to match the original teeth. In a single visit the tooth can be built up again and restored to look as good as new.

In most situations, the bonded tooth will hold for many years. If the nerve is exposed when the tooth is broken, root canal therapy may be necessary before the tooth is restored. Most youth under 18 years of age are not good candidates for porcelain veneers or crowns because the nerve inside their tooth is still large and the tooth is settling into position as they grow and mature.

As the child ages, the tooth or teeth will be evaluated for a better long-term solution.

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