Cavity Detection

Laser detectors and software detect the earliest stages of decay.

dental-bonding-curing-lightCavity Detection Software: We utilize a powerful computer-aided diagnostic tool that assists our doctors in the diagnosis of cavities between your teeth. This software extracts image features from your digital x-rays, correlates them with a database of known cavity problems, and highlights possible abnormalities. Dentists who use cavity detection software have an increased ability to identify cavities and/or prevent misdiagnosis of healthy teeth than they do with traditional methods alone. This software provides the electronic equivalent of a second opinion, allowing both dentist and patient to proceed with treatment with even greater confidence.

cavity-detection-softwareCavity Detection Laser: This device uses laser technology to find small amounts of tooth decay at the earliest stage of development. Because the early stages of decay can be invisible to the dentist’s sight or touch with hand instruments, this tool scans the grooves of the teeth where decay may be difficult to detect via traditional methods. When abnormalities or decay are detected in your enamel, the device emits a beeping sound. The more decay it detects, the faster the beeping sounds repeat. Technology such as cavity detection lasers and software ensure more accurate cavity detection, which means that the dentist is less likely to misdiagnose decay. If decay is detected, it can be treated in its earliest stages of development. This equates to smaller fillings or no fillings at all for the patient.

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