About Crabtree Dental

Lifetime partners in your oral healthcare.

We are a family dental practice nestled in the community of Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas. Our three dentists, Dr. Ron Crabtree, Dr. Colby Crabtree, and Dr. R.T. “Cade” Foust provide general dental and cosmetic dental services. They are supported by our practice manager Kristy Crabtree and dedicated staff of administrative and clinical professionals. It is our privilege to serve our dental patients in a modern facility located at 23056 Westheimer Parkway Katy, TX, just east of the Grand Parkway (Hwy 99).

We approach the care of our patients by employing the following core values.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to become lifetime partners in the oral healthcare of our patients by providing exceptional dental care in an environment of extraordinary service.

Our Governing Principles

    We recognize eating, smiling, laughing, and talking are essential to the enjoyment of life. A healthy mouth has a profound effect on a patient’s health, appearance, and self-confidence. We are privileged to partner with our patients in improving their quality of life by creating and maintaining beautiful smiles and healthy mouths. Our services will help them radiate confidence and health.

  • We are dedicated to serving our patients. We will ensure they feel welcome, respected, comfortable, and cared for. Every patient will be aware of the quality of care we render and the sincerity with which we deliver that care. We will meet and then exceed our patients’ expectations.
  • We will foster an environment of professional integrity by applying the highest standards of quality in the delivery of our care. We recognize that “quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution” (William A. Foster, Medal of Honor recipient). To this end
    we will continually pursue, evaluate, learn, and implement new technologies in our practice.
  • We will empower our staff members with the knowledge, skills, and feedback needed to achieve professional growth and pledge to create an environment that is enjoyable to work in.

Crabtree Dental Beginnings

Dr. and Kristy Crabtree met in 1983 at a social hosted by their church singles group. Kristy was working for Conoco at the time, and Dr. Crabtree had just moved to Houston to be an associate dentist. As their relationship developed, it was obvious that they were not just a personal match; they were also a professional match. Kristy’s business skills and her desire to manage a business perfectly complimented Dr. Crabtree’s dental skills and his desire to focus on patient care. By 1984 they had fallen in love and were married. They often joke that their union was more than a marriage—it was also a merger.

From the beginning the Crabtrees were determined to establish their own dental practice. In 1985—before Crabtree Dental was a reality—the price of oil hovered around $32 dollars a barrel and the economy was thriving so it seemed like the perfect time to start a business. They spent nights and weekends creating a business plan and in the fall of 1985 they signed a lease for a dental facility. By the time Crabtree Dental was completed in the spring of 1986 oil had plummeted to $8 dollars a barrel and their new dental practice seemed ill-fated. Despite the difficult economic climate the Crabtrees pushed forward with courage and faith, and as the Katy community survived and thrived so did Crabtree Dental. In 2007 the Crabtrees built their dream dental facility in the Katy, Texas community of Cinco Ranch. The practice has grown from a single treatment room and three staff members in 1986 to seven treatment rooms and 15 staff members today.

Dr. Ron and Kristy Crabtree are the proud parents of two children and have loved raising their family and establishing their careers in Katy. Dr. Crabtree is the third generation dentist in his family, and he and Kristy always dreamed of extending the dental legacy from three generations to four. That dream has become a reality in more ways than one! Their son, Dr. Colby Crabtree, now lives in Katy with his wife, Talyn, and practices dentistry alongside his father. The Crabtree’s daughter, Lauren, is married to local orthodontist Dr. Aaron Laird (of Laird Orthodontics). They live in Katy as well and have made Dr. Ron Crabtree and Kristy grandparents to two cute grandsons!