How Do Implant Dentures Work?

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This post from Crabtree Dental in Katy answers the most prevalent questions about implant-supported dentures.

Did you know that two or more dental implants can support a partial or full denture? This can be a more affordable option than having numerous implants while still providing many benefits as compared to conventional dentures.

What Are Implant Dentures?

Like standard dentures, implant-supported dentures replace missing teeth. The difference is that they are attached to titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone.

The titanium post is the actual implant. The implant fuses with the surrounding bone to create a solid support base. The dentures are attached to the implants.

Bar-Retained and Ball-Retained Systems

There are two types of implant stabilization methods: bar-retained and ball-retained. For both, the denture is produced with gum-colored acrylic for the base to which porcelain (or acrylic) false teeth are attached. The denture calls for, at a minimum, two implants for stabilization.

With the ball-retained system, each post holds an attachment (male or female) that fits into a corresponding connector on the denture. These are sometimes called “stud-attachment.”

With bar-retained dentures, a metal bar is anchored to two to five implants. The bar holds the connectors that connect to the denture.

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