Put on your best smile for your Valentine!

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A kiss might be on your list this Valentine’s Day. Before cozying up to your loved one this year, make sure your mouth is in good health! Here are few tips to help make sure your smile is in great shape before your romantic night out – in fact, these are good tips for every day!

Avoid Tobacco

Smoking can cause bad breath and stains your teeth – not to mention the toll it takes on your overall health. People who use tobacco are twice as likely to get gum diseases as someone who doesn’t and are also at a higher risk for developing oral cancer. Give you and your loved one the gift of quitting this Valentine’s Day!

Brush & Floss

Brush twice a day and floss at least once per day to ensure a cleaner mouth. Brushing and flossing help safeguard your mouth from bacteria. Too much bacteria in our mouth causes cavities, bad breath, and can be spread to another person!  This is why it’s important to keep your toothbrush to yourself – sharing can contribute to the spread of oral bacteria.0b9cec3c3e42757ef3ab9c75089887e8

Brighten your smile

A confident smile is attractive! If whitening will make you feel better about yours, contact us today to discuss whitening options. Over-the-counter treatments are not as effective as products available from Dr. Crabtree’s office – and are often safer as well.

Visit the dentist

Regular cleanings and checkups from your dentist can help your mouth stay at its best all year long. Dr. Crabtree and our clinical team can help keep you healthy, discuss any concerns, and offer up advice on keeping your smile fresh!

Happy Valentine’s Day!