General & Family Dentistry Overview

Saving your teeth through lifelike tooth colored restorations.

Teeth restorationTooth decay is one of the two biggest threats to your dental health and should be taken seriously. Even patients who exercise good preventive careexperience tooth decay. Having the decay removed and your tooth restored is important to maintain oral and physical health. Cavities left untreated can destroy your tooth and its nerve. Small and medium sized cavities are most often treated with fillings. More severe decay resulting in larger and/or deeper cavities may require restoration with a crown and/or a root canal. With each of these procedures, the goal is to save your teeth by restoring them. In this section, you will learn about services we offer that can restore your teeth. These include

Sometimes restoring a tooth isn’t an option, necessitating an extraction. Or, for various reasons you may have already lost a tooth. Whatever the reason, don’t lose hope. We offer several options for replacing missing teeth. It is important to replace missing teeth to maintain a healthy mouth and thus support a healthy body. Visit the following section to discover options for replacing missing teeth. Replacing Your Teeth